Offshore DX partnering Japan

Creating Synergies In Japan Digital Landscape


Metaverse Japan: A New Frontier for Digital Transformation

The Japanese government is betting on the metaverse to revolutionize the way businesses, government agencies, and citizens interact. METI has announced plans to create a “Metaverse Japan” platform that will be a shared infrastructure for the metaverse. The platform will make it easier for businesses and organizations to create and deploy metaverse applications. METI also hopes that Metaverse Japan will help to promote DX across the country.

Tokyo DX Hub Provides Physical Space for Offshore DX Businesses to Connect with Partners, Customers, and Investors

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is offering a number of policies and initiatives to attract offshore DX businesses to Tokyo. These include the Tokyo DX Promotion Strategy 2022-2023, the Tokyo DX Support Program for Offshore DX Businesses, and the Tokyo DX Hub. The TMG also offers a number of other initiatives, such as the Tokyo Startup Support Program, the Tokyo International Talent Hub, and the Tokyo Global Business Hub.

These policies and initiatives are designed to make Tokyo a more attractive destination for offshore DX businesses. They offer financial support, streamlined permitting processes, and access to a variety of resources. The TMG hopes that these initiatives will help to boost the city’s economy and create new jobs.